CERTIFICATO ISO 9001: 2008 N° 9165.CME3/2017
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Energy at work

CME MALLANO was established in 1990 with the great will power and the long experience acquired by  its Italian founder, Antonio Mallano, specializing itself in the sector of  Medium and High Voltage.

The company establishes its operative efficiency upon a flexible organization and it increases its own competence through continuous training of specialized collaborators who are strongly motivated in improve their

Synergies developped in the company allow to support with the needed competence, design, installation and maintenance both of electrical systems, High (HV), Medium (MV) and Low Voltage (LV),  and of Protection and Monitoring systems for all kind of electrical equipment.
In order to realise a Total Quality Management approch for all developped activities, CME has obtained a recognition of conformity of its quality system to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 issued by Bureau Veritas. The purpose of certification is “Engineering, installation and maintenaince of High, Medium and Low Voltage, System Protection and Monitoring on electrical equipment”  – Certification  No. 211330 -

CME MALLANO is also specialised in:
  →   Testing on Medium Voltage Electric Systems

→   Maintenance of Medium Voltage equipment

→   Testing on protection relays

For all these reasons, CME is becoming a strongly productive entrprise, acquiring important  clients all around the world.

The CME Service is proposed as a qualified partner with a flexible organisation and is able to take swift and resolute decisions in every part of the world, always ready to meet the customer needs and requirements.

The e
xperience of CME’s staff also ensures a qualified partnership to guide the customer through troubleshooting, recommending the most appropriate choice, ensuring comprehensive assistance in the management of electric system  and acting as sole operator in the field for testing, assembling, commissioning, and operations of maintenance.