about us

CME Mallano srl is active in the field of high and medium voltage electrical systems.


At the heart of our company, lives the vision of one man Antonio Mallano, an inspirational leader who first started CME MALLANO SRL in 1990,Through his distinctive legacy, he established our core foundation and the values upon which we run our business. CME Mallano has undertaken from day one a path of quality and improvement of the services offered to the customer: today it is able to guarantee total assistance on any type of electrical system throughout the continental and world territory.

The services offered start from the design and installation, up to the maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical systems and protection systems in High, Medium and Low Voltage.


The competence and passion in the work of all the components of CME Mallano have made the company an important reference in the field of national electrical engineering. Today, the company led by the Mallano family, thanks to the values ​​and experience handed down by Papà Antonio to his sons Donatella, Giacomo and Andrea. 



The company quality system is ISO9001 certified for the design and maintenance of electrical systems. The company is also certified OHSAS 18001 "Occupational Health and Safety Assessment" as a management system for the safety and health of workers.


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